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Two Rivers Lunch Allagash Maine

Two Rivers Lunch Allagash Maine
Two Rivers Lunch”for a bear of an appetite”Allagash Maine
75 Dickey Road

In 1976 Tylor and Leitha Kelly built a small hot dog stand in Allagash Maine and named it Two Rivers Lunch an ideal name for a restaurant that is located between the pristine waters of the St. John and Allagash rivers. By 1985 Two Rivers Lunch developed into a full service restaurant and is well known for its home-cooked meals, home made pies and pastries, huge buttermilk pancakes and pleasant hospitality. If Leitha is not out fishing or hunting she still bakes bread and pies using recipes handwritten by her mother, Belle. “My mother taught us the old way,” she said ‘That’s just the way we were, old-fashioned.” Stop by and visit us at Two Rivers Lunch in Allagash Maine and maybe you’ll catch Leitha making bread if she’s not out hunting.