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Cabbage Island Clambake

Cabbage Island Clambake
Cabbage Island Clambake
Cabbage Island Clambake in East Boothbay
Pier 6 Fisherman’s Warf
East Boothbay
PO Box 21

Cabbage Island Clambake in East Boothbay, Maine – Cabbage Island is a five and a half acre island south of Wall Point in Linekin Bay. Cabbage Island was granted to the Holbrook Family from the government of Massachusetts in the late 1800’s, the grant included Linekin Neck (now Ocean Point), Seal Ledges and Cabbage Island.
In 1901 Mr. Ezekiel Holbrook purchased Cabbage Island from his father. When Mr. Holbrook was a young boy he hand dug a well so their goats could have water. Cabbage Island is believed to have received its name because of cabbages grown on the island, fertilized with kelp from its shores. In 1905 Dr. Frank J. Triggs purchased the island from Mr. Holbrook and changed its name to Independence Island. Dr. Triggs, a dentist from Marblehead, Massachusetts built the lodge on the island and occupied it in the summers. In 1925 the island was then sold, to Mr. A.H. Phillips. Mr. Phillips who’s interests were supermarkets and shipping, built the boathouse on the west side of the island. He hired Mr. Wilbur Carter of Lobster Cove as care taker of the island and boats, in exchange for his services, Mr. Wilbur was compensated with groceries Mr. Phillips had shipped to the area during the depression. Mr. Phillips sold Independence Island to Adolf Fink, who ultimately failed in his payment of taxes to the Town of Boothbay.