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Mexico Chicken Coop

MaineRestaurants.com Rating: 2
Address: , 32 Bridge St, Mexico, ME 04257
Phone: 207-364-2710
Description: Mexico Chicken Coop in Mexico

Reviews of Mexico Chicken Coop

Review posted by: Erik Mayle on 12/10/11 - Rating: 2 Star
This one of the worst places that I've eaten at. We had shrimp scampi and a London broil steak. The shrimp was over-cooked and the pasta was bland. The steak was definitely NOT fress and the taste was rather putrid. I could tell that it had cured in a marinade in order to cover up its lack of freshness. It was by far the worst steak that I have ever eaten. The salad bar was sparse with very little variety, and the vegitables were wilted and stale. On top of that, the prices were exorbitant to the likes of top-notch steakhouse. The service was alright, but the waitress seemed impatient and inattentive while at the same time rushing us to order. I will NEVER eat there again, and I do not recommend it to anyone.

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